Premium Features To Make Your
Travel Easy

Ad-Free Experience

Unlock the ultimate VIP experience, ensuring your journey is seamlessly ad-free, allowing to focus solely on travel updates, including live location tracking of local trains

Boundless Saved Favourite Routes

Enjoy quick and easy access to your most frequently traveled journeys with an unlimited number of routes you can save

Limitless Arré Voice Pods

Immerse yourself in an endless array of Arré Voice Pods, unlocking a treasure trove of narratives, knowledge, and entertainment for your commute

VIP Train Alerts For Punctuality

Never miss a VIP moment! Receive VIP train alerts based on the train's location, ensuring you're always on time for your elite commute.

Redeem Virtual Coins

As a VIP earn virtual coins daily by engaging with the app, exclusively redeemable for subscription plan benefits

Endless Access To Commute News And Yatri Explore

Discover a never-ending array of insights and exploration opportunities through Commute News and Explore, shaping your travel experience with valuable information

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Live Location of
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Frequently Asked Questions

Embark on a journey of unmatched convenience and luxury with Yatri VIP Membership. This exclusive subscription brings you a seamless Ad-Free experience, allows you to save boundless Favourite Routes and Train Alerts for punctuality, gives unlimited access to Arré Voice Pods library, subscribers can Redeem their Virtual Coins exclusively for subscription plans, and provides endless access to Commute News and Yatri Explore.

Becoming a Yatri VIP Member is a simple and rewarding process. Just head to the Yatri app, navigate to the dedicated VIP Membership section by clicking on the 'Crown' on the top right, and follow the sign-up process. Once you're enrolled, you'll gain instant access to the suite of exclusive benefits that Yatri VIP Membership has to offer.

Yatri VIP Membership is designed to provide an individualized and exclusive experience, and as such, it cannot be shared. Each membership is intricately linked to a specific user account, ensuring that the premium features and benefits are uniquely personalized for the individual Yatri VIP Member.

The payment process for Yatri VIP Membership is designed to be seamless and secure. When you choose to become a VIP Member, follow the prompts in the app's VIP Membership section, where you can select from various payment methods for your convenience. Your financial information is encrypted, ensuring a safe and straightforward payment experience.

Unfortunately, once payment is made for Yatri VIP Membership, it is non-refundable, even if you decide to cancel your membership. This policy allows us to maintain the exclusivity and continuity of benefits for our active Yatri VIP Members.
Yatri VIP - Embark on a New Era of Travel with Yatri VIP Membership